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Tankfarm Releases Groundbreaking Consumer App on Android Operating System

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Tankfarm, a new kind of propane distribution company, announced today that it has released the Tankfarm app on the Android operating system. The app is already available on all Apple and iOS devices.

“We are thrilled to announce that the Tankfarm mobile app is now available to all our users, whether they use an iOS or Android device,” said Andrew Heaney, Tankfarm co-founder and CEO. “90% of Tankfarm customers find us on a mobile device, and of those devices roughly half run on Android. This additional capability is a big step forward in making the Tankfarm experience available to everyone.”

Tankfarm invests in software and tank monitors to make deliveries more efficient and profitable for suppliers and more convenient for consumers. The company aims to improve the propane industry’s approach to technology, so it can begin to meet the expectations of today’s propane consumer. The U.S. propane industry is highly fragmented and has been slow to embrace new technology.

“This development is an important step forward in our effort to develop a proprietary ecosystem of software and sensors that will offer the best consumer experience in the propane industry,” Heaney explained. “We can’t wait to show the world what we’re building for our users next.”

Tankfarm builds software and applications that connect propane customers with suppliers in an easy, intuitive, transparent way. The company is laser focused on the residential propane market and delivers a seamless customer experience. The software is free to use, Tankfarm does not charge any hidden nuisance fees, and customer service is a priority. To fulfill deliveries, Tankfarm has partnered with top propane marketers in 30 states and from over 200 locations. Its mobile app communicates with a wireless monitor Tankfarm places on all tanks to help customers know how much propane they have in their tank, how much they’re using and when they’re using it.

Tankfarm is headquartered in Millbrook, New York. For more information, visit:

About Tankfarm

Tankfarm is a propane distribution company that invests in software and tank monitors to make deliveries more efficient and profitable for our suppliers, and to delight our users. Tankfarm’s free software connects residential propane customers with suppliers; offers transparent, upfront pricing; and provides superior customer service. The Tankfarm supplier network spans 30 states and over 200 locations. Our mission is to improve the propane industry’s approach to technology and improve the customer experience.

Tankfarm is a member of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), the Propane Gas Association of New England (PGANE), the Maine Energy Marketers Association, the New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA), the New Jersey Propane Gas Association (NJPGA), the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PAPGA), the Mid-Atlantic Propane Gas Association (MAPGA) the Virginia Propane Gas Association (VPGA), the Rocky Mountain Propane Association(RMPA), the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA), the Pacific Propane Gas Association (PPGA), and the Texas Propane Gas Association (TPGA).