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TASCET Launches SYM Certain™

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As part of its continued efforts to provide certainty in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategies for enterprises, TASCET today announced the release of its SYM Certain software suite.

SYM Certain is a protocol that creates a foundation for cyber-driven enterprises. It allows companies to use a common lexicon across departments so a tactical approach to GRC strategies can be achieved throughout an enterprise. This protocol enables companies to build certainty frameworks for managing risks within each department based upon one application, without multiple points of integration.

“In a cyber-driven enterprise, the first line of a defense is a strong foundation,” said Larry Aubol, TASCET’s CEO. “With SYM Certain, enterprises have the foundation to defend against multiple types of risk, including zero-day threats.”

SYM brings certainty of individual users and does not rely on authentication or devices that have become the tools of hackers and fraudsters. It eliminates credential deception and the need for passwords and PINs.

The capabilities gained through the SYM Certain protocol give companies knowledge of people, not the credentials they present. “People are at the core of every major enterprise risk,” said Glenn Schoen, Netherlands-based security management and terrorism specialist and CEO of Boardroom@Crisis. “Companies have been mounting an underpowered defense against a smorgasbord of cyber-enabled threats that are continuously evolving – threats that ultimately consist of humans gaining access to data. That’s the lead risk to every enterprise right now.”

The release of SYM Certain reflects TASCET’s pursuit of creating software that restores consumer privacy and confidence. “We’re already seeing the impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation on corporate balance sheets,” said Aubol. “As new laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act emerge – and compliance requirements along with them – SYM provides an audit ready resource.”

The SYM protocol creates a high-level solution that enables audit capabilities of cyber security practices. This helps eliminate the financial risk associated with data breaches and resident dwellers within a network.

With SYM, TASCET has created the certainty layer for OpenID Connect. Now, clients using OpenID Connect can replace the authentication of users with a new cyber standard that provides certainty of users. This brings integrity to OpenID Connect and prevents its misuse by fraudsters.

According to Robin Sage, cybersecurity analyst and noted speaker, a security concept gaining the attention of the c-suite is zero trust. “The idea of not trusting anyone until you verify that you know who they are makes no sense,” said Sage. “It’s an interesting approach, much like IAM software. But I can tell you from experience that without a SYM Certain protocol in place, neither provides any level of certainty. Verification misleads even the c-suite into trusting what is still unknown.”

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