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Tech Central To Develop CBD Affiliate Marketing App

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(OTC:TCHC) (“TCHC”) today announced it is developing an APP,
“CBD Affiliate Marketer,” dedicated to the CBD Industry.

CBD products are among the hottest on the market right now. The passage
of the 2018 Farm Bill has helped to pave the way for the CBD industry to
grow in anticipation of full legalization of the cannabis plant. CBD
sales have been soaring. Hemp-derived CBD alone was a $390
million market in 2018 and is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2022 and
that doesn’t even include all the CBD products derived from other forms
of cannabis.

A problem the CBD industry is facing is that it can be a difficult
product to market due to outdated advertising restrictions in place by
Facebook and Google. TCHC sees potential in providing affiliate
marketers the knowledge needed to market CBD products the correct way to
capitalize on the industry.

The CBD Affiliate Marketer APP will be useful both for seasoned and new
affiliate marketers. It will feature training for all of the top social
media platforms and provide members with the tools needed to increase
the odds of running a successful campaign. Members will benefit from
training and high commissions, CBD sellers will benefit from having
exposure of their products, and TCHC will benefit from a fee CBD sellers
will provide to have access to the APP. It is important to note that the
affiliate program is NOT “MLM,” or Multi-level Marketing.

Company President Joseph Lewis stated, “We are excited to enter the CBD
sector with this APP. Our official Beta Version will be announced
shortly. We feel that by building a presence now that the Company can
provide much needed content to the CBD / cannabis sector and position
itself for potential acquisitions in the CBD / cannabis sector.”

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