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Terminus Delivers Unique Data Set to Fuel Go-to-Market Teams in a Post-Cookie World

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Terminus, the leading go-to-market platform, today introduces its unique data set in response to Google’s phase out of third-party cookies at the end of 2021. The combination of Terminus Chat Experiences and Terminus Email Experiences through its acquisitions of Sigstr and Ramble is a powerful advancement for go-to-market teams preparing for new ways to target without third-party cookies.

Terminus delivers a completely unique data set that relies on household IP addresses collected from its unique Chat and Email Experiences product lines. Rather than relying on out-of-date data like form fills, Terminus can accurately track target accounts by way of email opens and identification data through chat, which is continually updated for accuracy, and easily track changing or updated IP addresses at a significantly higher rate than form fills.

“The rubber has hit the road, companies are starting to scramble to figure out how they’ll execute digital ads without cookies. But, for the last 18 months Terminus has been playing the long game,” said Bryan Wade, Terminus chief product officer. “When we acquired Sigstr and Ramble, it was so much more than just offering email signatures and chat functionality to our customers.”

“The data we’re collecting with both products—and how we’re collecting it—is completely unique to Terminus. Not only do customers have access to a completely novel data set, but one that is accurate and incredibly powerful for targeting. Email Service Provider (ESP) level data is quickly going to become the most valuable data in ABM, and we’re at the forefront of that evolution,” Wade said.

Without access to email and chat IP data, marketers are left to rely on form fill and other historical data sets that don’t address changing IP addresses from things like service changes, downtime, or power outages, resulting in wasted ad spend. For example, the average person is exposed to around 4,000 digital ads a day. Combined with an average Cost Per Thousand (CPM) of $10, marketers could waste thousands of dollars per day on mistargeted ads. For companies targeting accounts with thousands of employees, that mistargeted ad spend increases significantly.

For more information about how Terminus is addressing data and targeting without cookies, access the ebook How to Survive in a Post-Cookie World and read our blog.

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