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Tolerisk Announces Integration with SS&C’s Black Diamond Wealth Platform; Offering Best-of-Breed Risk Tolerance Partner Solutions

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Tolerisk, a leader in analytical risk-tolerance assessment tools, is excited to announce its integration with SS&C’s Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, the award-winning, innovative portfolio management platform for financial professionals.

Tolerisk provides risk assessment software that not only quantifies an investor’s willingness to accept investment risk, but also assesses their ability to take risk in a scientific manner. The tool allows financial professionals to objectively measure clients’ risk tolerance and understanding of the probability of outliving their money to improve plans and client confidence.

“Our integration with Tolerisk makes it easy to leverage the power of both tools in a unified way,” said Justin Wayne, Head of Partnerships and Integrations for Black Diamond at SS&C. “Together, we are empowering advisors to have more meaningful conversations with their clients, which deepens the advisor-investor relationship and provides a competitive advantage.”

To enhance transparency, showcase milestones and key decisions in the context of the client’s financial journey, the integration enables users to post custom notes directly to the Black Diamond Relationship Timeline. Additional features, such as client import and mapping from Black Diamond to Tolerisk, power the ability for financial professionals to create risk assessments more efficiently and send the information to their clients with one click. Firms using both systems will also be able to import client account balances into the Tolerisk Ability workflow, reducing manual input and allowing for quicker updates during client reviews.

“The integration between Black Diamond and Tolerisk enhances an advisor’s ability to work toward client goals,” explains Tolerisk founder Mark Friedenthal. “Our focus on providing the best analytical solutions for advisors includes seamless delivery that comes from integrations with leading providers of financial planning, portfolio reporting, portfolio analytics, and CRM technologies.”

About SS&C Technologies

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About Tolerisk

Headquartered in Marlton, N.J., Tolerisk® is an analytical risk-tolerance assessment tool used by all types of financial professionals to help their clients figure out how much risk to take in their investment portfolio as well as the probability that they’ll outlive their money. For more information, visit