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Total Economic Impact Study of GumGum’s Contextual Advertising Solution Shows Significant Return on Ad Spend

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GumGum, Inc., an artificial intelligence company specializing in solutions for advertising and media, today released a new commissioned Forrester Consulting study detailing the Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) and benefits that an enterprise may gain from engaging GumGum to run an advertising campaign. Evaluating an 11-week seasonal campaign for a multinational food and beverages brand, Forrester found that GumGum’s “laser-like” contextual targeting drove customer spending on the brand’s key products, and resulted in a significant $2.79 risk- and value-adjusted return on advertising spend (ROAS).

In addition to those quantified findings, Forrester identified several key unquantified benefits. GumGum’s proprietary image recognition, semantic parsing and contextual analysis allowed GumGum to serve fewer ad impressions, in comparison with other campaigns, to generate the same number of high-value views. Plus, using those same AI technologies, GumGum ensured that all ads appeared in brand safe contexts. The study also noted that GumGum’s unique ad creatives – which were interactive and memorable without being intrusive – stood apart from other food and beverage advertisements.

“This study brings clear third-party validation to our advertising solutions,” said GumGum SVP of Operations Travis O’Neil. “It captures our value proposition, marketplace and technological differentiators, and substantiates the thesis that has guided our operations for 10-plus years: That advertising on context delivers the most reliable return on campaign investment.”

The GumGum campaign on which Forrester’s study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of GumGum’s Advertising Solution, was based delivered an efficient 10 million impressions across approximately 2.3 million U.S. households. By placing the brand’s messaging adjacent specifically brand-relevant content – targeting grilling, BBQ, holidays, dinner recipes, and cooking-related images and text – GumGum drove an average sales lift of 3.4% across households that viewed the ads – for a total of $331,200 in risk-adjusted additional revenue for the brand.

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