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Transphorm Webinar: Understanding the Quality + Reliability of High Voltage GaN FETs in Power Applications

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Complimentary live webinar


“Understanding the Quality + Reliability of High Voltage GaN FETs in Power Applications”




July 25, 2019 at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT / 8 p.m. CEST)



1 hour, including question and answer session




Ron Barr, Vice President of Quality + Reliability, Transphorm


Philip Zuk, Vice President, Worldwide Technical Marketing and NA Sales, Transphorm




Increasingly, more power applications use high voltage GaN transistors to increase power density as well as to reduce system size and cost. However, GaN FETs are fairly new to many engineers. This can lead to general knowledge gaps and misinformation sharing. Importantly, because GaN devices do not perform the same as Silicon devices, their validation testing differs from what is generally understood about Quality + Reliability (Q+R) testing today. It’s necessary to understand these differences to accurately determine which GaN FETs to use; appropriate design configurations; and product lifetime—the factor used by product manufacturers to evaluate warranty risks.


  • Introduction to Transphorm’s 650 V and 900 V product lines, GaN platform differentiation, and benefits demonstrated by in-production customer end products.
  • Explanation of validation tests used to determine Q+R and why.
  • Explanation of how those tests are conducted to ensure results accuracy.
  • Benchmark Q+R results based on Transphorm JEDEC qualification, extended JEDEC, and AEC-Q101 qualification testing.
  • Essential guide to GaN Q+R for future transistor selection.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Content suitable for engineers researching or developing GaN-based power systems and decision makers defining innovative end products such as adapters, automotive chargers and power systems, industrial power supplies, PC Gaming power supplies, three-phase power supplies, etc.

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