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Uchimura Robotics LLC Establishes new West Coast Presence to Expand Collaborative, Industrial, Mobile, Telepresence, and Disinfecting Robotic Solutions to Region

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Uchimura Robotics today announced it has established a presence on the West Coast with an operation based in Seattle, Washington. The new operation will increase the company’s reach in the US market and provide best-in-class robotic components and solutions to the western US.

“The West Coast is not only home to many of our existing customers’ facilities and headquarters but also other progressive companies who could benefit from our products and services,” said Jeff Tatro, director of sales and marketing at Uchimura Robotics. “Our mission is to provide cutting-edge robotic components and solutions backed by superb support resources throughout the customer experience, and this expansion supports that mission.”

Uchimura Robotics’ West Coast operation will offer automation components and solutions from many of the industry’s leading robotic companies including fully autonomous disinfecting robots by UVD Robots, collaborative robots by Techman, industrial robots by Shibaura Machine (formerly Toshiba Machine), low-cost laboratory/educational/hobbyist robots by HITBOT, and Telepresence robots by GoBe.

About Uchimura Robotics LLC:

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