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Voxbone Launches Instant Connectivity in 460+ Locations

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The world of global communications is a tangled web. Because of this, Voxbone,
the Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) leader, has enhanced its
interconnection offering, Voxbone Connect. Through deploying the
solutions offered by Megaport,
a leading connectivity and Network-as-a-Service provider, Voxbone offers
the ability to scale comms globally and securely in seconds.

With Voxbone
, customers can reap the benefits of Voxbone’s
enterprise-grade network quality without compromising on scale.
Interconnection with Megaport provides the shortest, safest and best
possible journey for enterprise communications, all while offering lower
latency than the open internet or VPNs alone.

With the addition of interconnecting through Megaport, customers now
have an unparalleled range of options for delivering their business
communications. These include business VPNs, direct interconnection, and
the open internet.

“As we pursue our mission to offer global, enterprise-grade
communications in the cloud, we’re excited to extend the reach of our
core network to almost every corner of the globe,” said Matt
Brown, VP of Product at Voxbone. “With Voxbone Connect, customers
can directly connect to the Voxbone network from over 460 locations
across more than 22 countries, and even to the major cloud providers
such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. No matter your location, you can be
up and running in minutes with the security and performance of an
enterprise SD-WAN solution.”

Learn more about how better enterprise communications are built with Voxbone.

About Voxbone

At Voxbone, we make it unbelievably simple to set up and manage global
business communications. Our cloud voice and messaging services are
available on-demand, and empower businesses to engage their customers in
the markets that matter most. A global company representing 34
nationalities, Voxbone has offices in Austin, Brussels, Dublin, Hong
Kong, Iasi, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Voxbone’s happy customers include Uber, Skype, Zoom, 8×8, Dialpad,
Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, NICEinContact and many more. Check out our
website at
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and LinkedIn.