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WellSky® Provides Technology to Support the American Red Cross’ Biotherapy Research, New Therapeutics, and Complex Testing

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WellSky, a global health and community care technology company, today announced that it will deliver the American Red Cross a range of new technology solutions to support the development by the Red Cross of specialty blood products and complex testing. WellSky technology solutions — including WellSky Biotherapies Lab, WellSky Scheduling, and WellSky Transfusion — will be used at the organization’s eight Leukopack collection sites and 45 immunohematology reference laboratories (IRLs) to enhance blood product availability for patient transfusions and to advance research into new cell therapy treatments.

WellSky will assist the Red Cross with their research into innovative new biotherapies through the collection of Leukopacks, which are enriched blood products collected from normal peripheral blood apheresis donations that have the potential to treat patients with cancer and other chronic health conditions.

“As a humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating suffering, the Red Cross supports research in specialty blood products as part of our mission,” said John Mass, vice president of business systems integration for Red Cross Biomedical Services. “WellSky Biotherapies Lab will help us identify and engage donors with the right cellular profile to assist in this important research process for future therapeutic interventions.”

WellSky Transfusion technology will be used during the Red Cross specialty testing at immunohematology reference labs, serving hospitals and their patients. WellSky technology will help standardize testing across the 45 Red Cross IRL locations.

“Our work with the Red Cross illustrates exactly what we mean when we talk about WellSky’s mission of realizing care’s potential,” said Bill Miller, CEO of WellSky. “We’ve seen the life-changing and life-saving services the Red Cross provides on a daily basis, and now we’re honored to support its research into leading-edge treatments that can transform care as we know it. This is the type of visionary thinking that accelerates us into the future of healthcare.”

WellSky is committed to supporting the Red Cross as the organization continues to serve people and communities across the U.S., all while contending with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects on blood supply and demand. Recognizing that a range of factors are impacting the work of the Red Cross, WellSky will deliver advanced technology that fits the organization’s complex requirements, supports higher volumes for specialized products, and can be implemented on an expedited timeline to ensure continuity.

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