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WiZ Connected Launches Ultimate Smart Lighting Ecosystem at CES 2020

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WiZ Connected, an innovative leader in WiFi based smart lighting and now part of Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting), today announced several new products to provide consumers with more options to effortlessly customize and control their home lighting. At CES this week, the company will demonstrate the new WiZmote, a WiFi remote to easily control WiZ Connected products immediately out of the box; a Motion Sensor that can trigger lighting modes and automatically turn off lights when no motion is detected; and a new set of Energy Optimization features, including power consumption monitoring, in the WiZ App.

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The new WiZmote, a WiFi remote to easily control WiZ Connected products immediately out of the box. (Photo: Business Wire)

The new WiZmote, a WiFi remote to easily control WiZ Connected products immediately out of the box. (Photo: Business Wire)

In addition to these new products, the WiZ ecosystem also includes legacy smart lighting products that are available at major retailers in the U.S. and Canada, such as: WiZ Color A19 and BR30 WiFi LED bulbs, WiZ Filament LED bulbs, and WiZ WiFi Smart Plug.

“To accelerate the adoption of smart lighting, we propose affordable products that are simple to install and use. Our clients can control their lighting with smart functions right out of the box. This was the philosophy behind the development of our WiZmote and Motion Sensor,” said WiZ Connected CEO, Jean-Eudes Leroy. “We also believe in developing innovative sustainable energy solutions in line with the Signify ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ program fighting climate change. Our new power consumption monitoring feature will help to optimize energy efficiency scenarios in conjunction with schedules and sensors.”


The WiZmote offers the following features:

  • Using low energy WiFi technology, the WiZmote can easily control all WiZ Connected products to quickly adjust the lighting in a room.
  • The remote range is 50 feet and its battery life exceeds two years
  • Set-up is simple and the remote is intuitive and easy for all ages and skills to use
  • Controls the whole room, allowing users to turn the lights on/off, adjust brightness and choose from four favorite light modes or scenes
  • Works without an internet connection – once the WiZmote is paired in the WiZ app, it controls WiZ lights locally without the need for an internet connection
  • Pressing the “on” button will activate the circadian rhythm the user has set for the room. This native function in the WiZ app transitions lighting from bright daylight to dim warm white throughout the day and can help users feel and sleep better.

The WiZmote is priced starting at $14.97 and will be available starting in April.

Motion and Daylight Sensor

The WiZ Motion Sensor offers the following features:

  • Perfect for hallways, stairs and bathrooms, the battery operated device triggers lights to come on when motion is detected and can turn off or dim lights when no motion is detected
  • Uses low energy consumption WiFi technology with long battery life, and set-up is easy with your existing WiFi network
  • Triggers nightlights to guide a safer path through a dark home
  • The energy saving sensor allows you to turn off or dim lights to a minimum level when no motion is detected
  • Ability to control the whole room by triggering all lights in the same room, such as a corridor, entrance, basement and garage
  • Flexible settings and ability to configure what happens when motion is no longer detected and after how long
  • Daylight harvesting thanks to the embedded lux meter, helping to activate light when the room becomes too dark
  • Similar to the WiZmote, the Motion Sensor can activate the circadian rhythm set for the room

The WiZ Motion Sensor is priced starting at $19.97 and will be available in Summer 2020.

Energy Optimization in WiZ App

New Energy Optimization features in the WiZ app include the following:

  • Each individual light’s power consumption is monitored by the WiZ App. Power consumption data is then visualized by room, by week, and by month in order to better track opportunities to save energy.
  • Thanks to dimming or scheduled events, energy can be optimized. The addition of a WiZ Motion and Daylight Sensor can help to save even more energy by activating light only when end user presence is detected.
  • A portfolio of power meter smart plugs is also under development to complete the path toward sustainability with the WiZ platform.

About WiZ Connected

Headquartered in Hong Kong, WiZ Connected Lighting Company Limited is a lighting software solution company focused on delivering easy to use, WiFi-based smart lighting products. Owned by Signify, the world leader in lighting, WiZ serves both consumer and professional markets in 52 countries. Through the WiZ Connected OEM Partnership Program, more than 60 lighting vendors are WiZifying hundreds of lighting fixtures. Learn more about WiZ Connected and how they are transforming the lighting industry at