Press release Releases The World’s First SaaS Software in Historic Global Announcement

Sponsored by Businesswire, The Mobile Card-Based Innovator™, released The World’s First SaaS Software today—highlighting the ease by which their card-based mobile engagement and conversion platform conveys complex ideas quickly to a global audience poised to consume content at “The Speed of Thumb™”.

“According to Danny Hillis in his book, The Pattern on The Stone, any series of yes/no decisions can be considered software—thus,” said Christopher Bruno, CEO of, “we chose pre-historic Irish engravings—ancient when the Pyramids were built—to illustrate how Wrap can allow a mobile user unacquainted with a technical topic to flip through selected content to arrive at hoped-for conclusion in mere seconds—in this case: the belief that an animated engraving represents the 19-year cycle of the moon.”

Bruno chose the so-called “Calendar Stone of Knowth” in County Meath, Ireland, as the subject matter for their first global presentation of’s revolutionary carrier-grade card-based communication platform, precisely because it is utterly unknown outside of archeological circles.

“The suggestion in 1979 that the image of the Metonic Cycle was carved into stone three thousand years before the birth of the Greek Astronomer, Meton, in 450 BC, collides with academic orthodoxy—so it is a tough sell generally,” Bruno said. “But content strategy and data architecture move needle in any discussion. We’ll let the viewer be the judge—both of our product and this archeological claim.”

Wrap’s Call Center Solution recently lifted First Call Resolution for a global telco over ten percent across 45,000 interactions with no increase in agent talk-time or formal agent training requirement.

“World-class technology has an intuitive user interface,” concludes Bruno, “whether visible on a smartphone or chiseled into stone.”’s AWS-hosted SaaS solution is available through a network of global digital agencies and is designed for enterprise and service provider deployments.

About The World’s First SaaS Software:

About, The Mobile Card-Based Innovator™, provides a SaaS-based authoring and analytics platform to allow the enterprise, service providers and digital agencies to rapidly create card-based mobile experiences with pre-existing content to drive mobile viewers to higher engagement and conversion rates than what can be expected using traditional mobile technologies. With 21 U.S. Patents granted, serves 85 brands globally with a true omni-channel solution.

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