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WRKOUT Launches Live, First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Virtual Personal Training Platform

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WRKOUT, the first ever connected fitness brand to deliver live, face-to-face personal training optimized for the virtual experience, today announced its global launch. The platform, which connects members with elite trainers from around the world for an unparalleled personal training experience, will be rolling out to an exclusive audience on an invite-only basis.

Unlike typical on-demand services that stream one-way content to many, WRKOUT is the first virtual training platform built specifically and optimized for two-way fitness instruction and interaction. WRKOUT’s market-defining software overcomes the barriers of other platforms that were designed for remote work, rather than fitness. Members can choose from a worldwide talent pool of qualified and vetted trainers, book sessions, manage their schedule and view history and billing all within the platform, while trainers can operate their businesses using a full suite of industry-specific tools ranging from program building functionalities to marketing and payment processing. The in-session experience features proprietary tools like on-screen timers, screen-capture/analysis, and whiteboarding.

Created to make premium personal training accessible from anywhere, WRKOUT gives members access to a rolodex of trainers, and the ability to train with their favorite trainer at any time or place with no need for expensive equipment. Traditional pain points in personal training careers are removed, allowing trainers to earn more, and operate their businesses with fewer constraints on time and geographical proximity.

“The fitness industry has undergone a dramatic transformation during the pandemic and technology has been a pivotal tool for that growth,” said Curtis Christopherson, Founder of WRKOUT. “The virtual fitness market is expected to reach a value of nearly $60 Billion USD by 2027. Yet despite growing demand, online fitness offerings currently lack the sophistication and connectivity that happens in a gym between trainer and client. Now, through WRKOUT, members have access to an all-star team of elite trainers, from anywhere in the world, in real time. The difference between live, 1-on-1 training, and pre-recorded, impersonal content is game-changing.”

WRKOUT was founded by industry heavyweight Curtis Christopherson, founder and CEO of Innovative Fitness, North America’s largest network of premium personal training studios. Backed by an all-star team of elite trainers, WRKOUT unites proven experience with technological innovation to deliver a one-of-a-kind interactive training solution for fitness leaders and those who seek their guidance.

To date, WRKOUT has successfully delivered over 40,000 training sessions in its beta stage. The WRKOUT team has been working with Fort Capital Partners to plan future funding of the business, including selection of strategic and financial partners to support its significant near-term growth objectives.

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WRKOUT is the future of fitness. Founded by Curtis Christopherson, the founder and CEO of Innovative Fitness, North America’s largest network of premium personal training studios, WRKOUT was built on over 20 years of established experience, bringing next generation virtual training to market. Unlike other methods of connected fitness that focus on one-way streaming or require proprietary hardware, WRKOUT’s exclusive platform provides a live, two-way interactive training environment that connects members with elite trainers from around the world.