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xMatters Reveals Platform Advancements That Usher in New Era of Incident Management Powered by Automation

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xMatters (, a digital service availability platform that prevents technical issues from becoming business problems, today announced platform advancements that are powering a new method for incident response and management––adaptive incident management. Unlike traditional solutions available for incident management, adaptive incident management automates triage, collaboration, response scaling, incident resolution and post-incident learning to reduce toil throughout the incident lifecycle and provide the most reliable customer experiences. New adaptive incident management features available today in the xMatters platform include: an Incident Console to better triage, visualize and guide the entire incident lifecycle; automation for incident response and improved collaboration; the ability to quickly and easily scale the response to the incident as it evolves; and comprehensive incident analytics to drive continuous improvement. Whether it’s a small technical issue affecting one software service or an enterprise-wide outage cascading across business services, these new capabilities empower technology teams to work within their preferred tools and deliver digital service resilience––the ability to recover quickly, adapt and learn from incidents such as performance issues and outages.

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The Incident Console shows a live view of an incident as it evolves through its lifecycle, including incident status and severity, notified and engaged responders, associated collaboration channels and roles. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Incident Console shows a live view of an incident as it evolves through its lifecycle, including incident status and severity, notified and engaged responders, associated collaboration channels and roles. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Incident response automation and management plays a critical role in delivering an overall positive customer experience and continued innovation. According to the xMatters State of Automation in Incident Management research also announced today, 84.3% of respondents said customer-impacting issues impede their ability to build out new services and features. More specifically, when asked how much of their team’s time is spent resolving incidents compared to time spent on innovation, 72.3% of respondents across technical roles report that at least half of their team’s time is spent resolving incidents. Of these same respondents, over a quarter (27.3%) said at least 80% of their team’s time is spent resolving incidents.

“Technology professionals today are expected to not only create and innovate digital services, but are also under extreme pressure to maintain service levels and uptime with well-tuned incident response and management. During a time when there is a critical reliance on digital services, traditional incident management processes and applications are not sufficient,” said Troy McAlpin, CEO at xMatters. “By adding adaptive incident management capabilities to our platform, we are automating repetitive, mundane work, and transforming how services are kept available for customers to enjoy.”

Adaptive Incident Management Speeds Time to Resolve and Reduces Toil with Automation

Technology organizations can minimize––and even avoid––the business impact from incidents by automating incident response and management with xMatters.

“Adaptive incident management automates resolution team engagement and enables real-time response tracking capabilities, thus reducing the time it takes to gather the right teams together and providing post-incident visibility,” said Simas Stašenis, Head of Situation and Crisis Management at Danske Bank.

New xMatters adaptive incident management features, which are accessed through the new Incident Console, and powered by xMatters’ visual workflow builder Flow Designer, solve the challenges of responding to service interruptions across different teams, cultures and systems. New capabilities available from within the xMatters platform empower technology teams to:

  • Bridge incident management processes, data insights and disparate tools for cohesive and collaborative enterprise response automation:

    • Incidents Views help teams find, evaluate and collaborate on incidents as they evolve, keeping track of incident statuses and allowing for efficient use of resources.
    • The Incident Console shows a live view of an incident as it evolves through its lifecycle, including incident status and severity, notified and engaged responders, associated collaboration channels and roles.
    • Incident Status Reports include timelines, key metrics and associated collaboration channels to support stakeholder communications and postmortem activity.
  • Combine the power of human problem-solving and process automation for faster, more targeted resolution:

    • Critical incident metrics are automatically collected from integrated systems then delivered with the initial notification, reducing manual look-ups and improving resolution time.
    • Flow Designer automations keep related systems up-to-date, including issue tracking systems, service desks, status pages and other supporting systems.
  • Accelerate continuous improvement and service resilience through comprehensive incident data and advanced analytics:

    • The Incident Timeline provides a detailed record of what happened and when.
    • Resolved incident metrics give teams a way to compare information from one incident to the next so teams can build metrics based on consistent data and improve digital service resilience over time.
    • Performance Analytics helps evaluate the cost and impact of incidents in an organization’s environment and identify areas of improvement.

These xMatters platform advances are powered by the technical underpinnings of the xMatters platform. This includes Flow Designer for orchestration and automation, integrations that can be used to build powerful toolchains, sophisticated on-call management, event flood control, and configurable dashboards for visual incident and group performance tracking. With xMatters Flow Designer, teams with roles ranging from software developers to IT generalists can create incident management workflows without a single line of code. This drag and drop experience has revolutionized the way IT, DevOps, Operations and SRE teams integrate, synchronize and automate incident management toolchains.

“Investing in avoiding known types of incidents is an important part of digital service delivery. However, innovative companies know that eliminating incidents completely is impossible in practice. Our mission, then, is to help customers resolve incidents as quickly as possible and minimize their impact,” said Tobias Dunn-Krahn, CTO at xMatters. “We’ve developed the technology needed to make this happen. Now, customers can access powerful yet flexible applications that build upon our renowned approach to workflow automation, range of integration capabilities and sophisticated enterprise grade features to deliver digital service resilience and continuous improvement. By applying an adaptive incident management methodology, teams can automate incident resolution tasks and maximize the time spent making customers happy.”

xMatters, along with its partner ecosystem, help enterprises streamline technology operations processes and speed team collaboration for faster incident resolution.

“Preventing system outages and doing so proactively is vital in today’s fast-moving digital economy. With today’s announcement, xMatters and BigPanda share the same philosophy that applying AI and automation is the future for streamlining technology operations processes,” said Mohan Kompella, VP of Product Marketing at BigPanda. “AIOps makes it possible to automate the detection of system issues and sift through mountains of data to quickly identify incidents and outages. BigPanda and xMatters together help DevOps, SRE and ITOps teams leverage AI to gain a real-time view of intelligently grouped incidents, enabling faster resolution.”

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