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Zirtue, an Innovative FinTech App Revolutionizes the Peer-to-Peer Lending Market

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is a Dallas-based FinTech company that has reimagined peer-to-peer
lending while pioneering relationship-based lending by bringing
security, integrity, and accountability to a transaction that has
historically put strains on good relationships. It is the only
application and platform of its type that makes lending to friends and
family a formal lending transaction from your mobile device. The app
works by providing a platform for friends and family to lend and borrow
funds from one another in a more official way. The borrower has the
capability to set the loan amount while the lender establishes the
repayment terms. When the terms are agreeable to both parties, the loan
request is serviced by Zirtue. Through proprietary development and
strategic partnerships, loan payments are initiated on the agreed upon
date using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

Although there are applications on the market whereby friends and family
can send money to one another, there are no platforms that sets up any
repayment terms. This leaves the responsibility of repaying the loan in
the hands of the borrower and as Co-Founder & CEO Dennis Cail realized
through personal experience those loans don’t always get repaid.
However, with the advent of Zirtue, the entire peer-to-peer lending
market is elevated with the introduction of repayment terms, digital
promissory note and automatic bank drafts. This makes it much easier to
recoup money that was loaned to a friend or family member without the
social awkwardness of having to remind the borrower about the loan.

The app was the brainchild of Dennis Cail, a technology executive and
entrepreneur who Co-Founded Zirtue March of 2018 with Co-Founder Michael
Seay, a financial executive and entrepreneur. Together they have created
a disruptive application with emphasis on financial inclusion, user
experience, constant innovation and platform security. According to
Cail, “Zirtue is not an application searching to solve a new problem;
friends and family lend almost $200B annually through various means
based on estimates by the Federal Reserve Bank,” Cail explains, “We are
providing anyone who has ever loaned or borrowed money with an option to
take the awkwardness out of the situation while building a stronger
commitment for repayment.”

Seay says the current family and friends market resembles the “wild
west” because it lacks the infrastructure to formalize the lending
process between both parties. The comprehensive new mobile application
sets the bar higher for friends and family to repay each other with
formal repayment terms and automated payments that have been agreed to
ahead of time by both parties. Cail states that, “Financial inclusion
and user experience are our top priorities. We recently partnered with AT&T,
and now borrowers can pay their AT&T
bills directly through the Zirtue app.”

Zirtue provides a digitized and mobilized platform to request and
automatically repay anyone in the mobile contacts on the user’s device.
It features real-time integration with creditors to ensure direct
payment and reliable repayment of funds. The AI-driven, extensively
developed, relationship-based lending app is one of the most innovative
and needed applications of its time. In a financial world that is beset
by predatory lending with more than 30% of Americans impacted by
predatory lending and 20% of Americans with no access to traditional
financing, Zirtue offers a full-spectrum solution to multiple financial
restrictions facing the American population.

About Zirtue

Founded in 2018, Zirtue is on a mission to create a more financially
inclusive world by digitizing and mobilizing loans between friends and
family. Zirtue
is the first relationship-based lending application that simplifying and
formalizing lending money between trusted relationships using Automatic
(ACH) loan payments. Follow Zirtue on Facebook,
and Twitter.

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