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ZoomInfo Contributes to COVID-19 Relief Efforts in Vancouver, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts

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ZoomInfo, a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, today announced the donation of thousands of protective masks to support frontline workers at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, and Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The company also presented over $100,000 directed toward other local relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, a ZoomInfo employee underwent major surgery to remove a malignant tumor at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center. After witnessing doctors and nurses working the frontlines of COVID-19 during her five-day stay, she requested that the company donate her next paycheck toward purchasing protective equipment for medical professionals.

“I was so inspired by her story and generosity that I wanted to do something even bigger,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “In times of crisis, it’s our duty to step up and help the helpers in our local communities. We express our gratitude to all of the individuals who are working tirelessly to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

In April, ZoomInfo purchased 1,000 masks each for Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver and Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston. Schuck and his wife personally delivered the equipment to Legacy Salmon Creek.

“Thank you to ZoomInfo for their generous donation to our frontline caregivers,” said Harrison Bane, President of Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center. “We are grateful for the support we continue to see from the community and the positive impact it has on the morale of our team.”

In addition to the mask donations, ZoomInfo – including contributions by its sales team – gave more than $100,000 to local food banks, including the Greater Boston Food Bank and Clark County Food Bank in Vancouver. The group of professional service firms that orchestrated ZoomInfo’s IPO – including bankers, lawyers, accountants, and other advisors – also teamed up to contribute to this donation.

ZoomInfo’s efforts also extend beyond local communities. In March, when TentCraft, a manufacturer of custom tents for concerts and other big events, saw its business all but vanish with the economic shutdown, ZoomInfo stepped up and helped them pivot their business. TentCraft wanted to turn their large tents into drive-through COVID-19 testing facilities but had never sold to hospitals and had no prior connections to hospital administrators. ZoomInfo supplied them with contact data and insights on hospitals and healthcare systems, allowing TentCraft to sell testing tents all over the country and achieve the largest monthly revenue in the company’s history.

This spring, the company also teamed up with LayOffers – a start-up aimed at hosting a job board and support system for recently displaced workers as a result of the pandemic – by supplying contact data for hundreds of thousands of recruiters, to aid in the company’s mission to help 1 million people return to the workforce.

Today ZoomInfo also announced donations of over $100,000 in support of equal rights and racial justice for the Black community.

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