Press release

ZWCAD 2020: Faster and Faster

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ZWCAD 2020, a remarkable breakthrough in the history of ZWCAD, was officially released today with significantly improved efficiency and amazing new features for better user experience.

It’s fast. Unprecedentedly.

Thanks to the multi-core processing technology, the speed of loading drawings in ZWCAD 2020 is 73.5% faster in comparison with ZWCAD 2019. For commonly-used commands, it is 150% faster. Meanwhile, stability is also assured to bring users fast but stable experience.

Data Extraction: all data needed are in one table.

Users can extract various attributes and data of an object, and insert them to the current drawing as a table, or export them to an external file in .csv/.xls format. It is particularly useful when users need some specific data for measuring or purchasing in their projects.

PDF Underlay Manager: manage all PDF files conveniently.

In PDF Underlay Manager, users can deal with all PDF underlays as they like. They can easily find where the PDF files are located, clearly check their basic information, directly open one in a PDF reader, detach them to make the drawing lighter, etc.

Lisp Debugger: good news for developers.

Developed based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft™, Lisp Debugger is now available for lisp-writers or developers working on ZWCAD Lisp to check and debug their codes one by one or step by step, to ensure the accuracy of their lisp programs.

Cycle Selection: clear selection for unclear overlapped objects.

It’s always annoying to select among overlapped objects. Cycle Selection is now here to let users clearly check the overlapped objects in the Selection Set, and correctly choose the one they really want.

For a productivity tool, good performance is always the top demand by users and suppliers. ZWCAD 2020 reaches a milestone by bringing users unprecedented experience with faster-than-ever opening and operating speed. For more information, please click here or subscribe to ZWCAD.


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