Logicalis upgrades video conferencing for students in Scottish Highlands

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Cisco based network brings together scholars and staff from 90 islands

A university covering the highlands and islands of Scotland has had its videoconferencing infrastructure overhauled by Logicalis.

The ICT provider has put in place a Cisco-based system to allow the 8,000 students spread out over 15,000 square miles and 90 islands,  to attend lectures for courses as part of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Reliance on videoconferencing is vital for the uni, from teaching to recruitment, down to the day to day running of the uni.  In fact there is no area which does not involve VC in some way, making it vital that systems work adequately when required.

There are 200 course taught using video conferencing and utilising 63 fully equipped learning centres.

The network mainly uses Cisco endpoints, which Logicalis says lessens the need for multi-product training.  Engineers can take control of the network centrally for any necessary updates.

“Video conferencing is in the ‘DNA’ of the University of the Highlands and Islands. It is pivotal; we simply could not operate without it,” Bob Brandie, Senior Video Conference Technician at UHI, said.