Kyocera breaks 300dpi printhead record

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Cost reduction in the long term

Kyocera has announced what it calls the fastest 300dpi inkjet printhead, running at 152m/minute.

The printhead, which, the company points out, is a key component for commercial inkjet printers, can manage two-colour printing on the same printhead. This halves the number of printheads that are needed for the printer, as well as reducing parts for wiring, meaning it could be an effective way to downsize equipment.

Kyocera says that the new printhead managed to reach an effective print width of 112mm, which the company claims is the world’s widest of its sort. By bringing down the number of printheads, simpler equipment design and easier assembly can be achieved.

The way the 300dpi model’s nozzle is built also prevents the mixing of inks when it hits the printed material, which Kyocera says is a problem when printing two colours from the same printhead, at the same time. The company also points out that the printhead has nabbed the world’s fastest print speed at 152m/min for a 300dpi printhead running simultaneous two colour printing, which, although not an Olympic gold, Kyocera is certainly happy.

Altogether, this sort of thing helps Kyocera’s customers with high speed and high resolution printing, as well as with cost reduction and reducing envornmental problems.

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