HP says it won’t honour £1.58 laptop orders


One of a long line of previous pricing mistakes for electronic goods

HP has been forced to apologise after an error on its website allowed shoppers to “buy” top-of-the-range laptop computers for under £2.

One device was listed with a previous price of £2,378, but this was “reduced” to just £1.58. HP had to briefly take its UK store offline last weekend as a result of its mistake.

PC laptop No SaleSome people had boasted on social media about the bargains to be had on the site after placing orders, but HP says it will not honour the orders.

Other firms in the past, including Tesco for instance, have previously made low pricing errors on their sites for electronic goods, and have also refused to honour such orders made by opportunistic shoppers.

In a statement, HP said: “We apologise sincerely to impacted customers for any inconvenience caused. We can confirm that due to a processing error, select products were wrongly priced on our UK website over the weekend.

“This has now been corrected with related orders cancelled.”


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