Channel Products

Extreme Networks Engages Outer Edge Connectivity

With its ReachNXT switch and EPICentre 7.0 management console, Extreme Networks provides a solution that allows users to make better hard-wired connections at the periphery of business networks where wireless just won’t do.

INX Hosts Cisco Unified Computing Summits

Systems integrator INX will partner with Cisco Systems, NetApp, VMware for a three-city event to educate end users on the architecture and benefits of Cisco’s new unified computing and virtualized blade server offerings.

Why Is IBM, Not Cisco, Buying Sun?

An IBM acquisition of Sun Microsystems would solidify IBM’s market lead in servers. But it would also give IBM a lot of technology it already has on the books. Cisco Systems, with its ambitions for dominance in the data centre, seems like a much better suitor for Sun.

Motion Computing`s Tablet: A Superior Choice

The Motion J3400 shows that versatile tablet PCs still have their place among the numerous netbooks, notebooks and convertibles—especially in health care and other vertical markets.

Cisco Begins Unified Computing Push

Networking giant Cisco may be muscling in on the high-end x86 server market with its Unified Computing System offering for data centres, but that’s not the big news. Cisco’s UCS is designed to simplify the complex tasks around data centres and virtualization that prevent many IT organisations from taking advantage of the virtualization benefits.

Cisco, Trend Micro Partner to Tackle SOHO Market

Cisco’s absorption of Linksys has created—with help from Trend Micro—a new series of products that meld services with security hardware to create hybrid products for the small office. But the first effort doesn’t create a lot of opportunities for partners.

IBM Global Financing to JumpStart IT Spending

Think you can’t benefit from President Obama’s US Stimulus Spending Bill because your customers are leasing technology and computer equipment rather than buying it? Think again. IBM Global Financing’s JumpStart lease rates are designed to pass along the benefits to lease customers and their VARs.

Free Citrix XenServer For Everybody

Citrix hopes to spur further adoption of virtualization technology in SMB and midmarket customers by offering its XenServer platform for free.

Adder Proves KVM Still Has Relevance

The next-generation KVM doubles as a remote support appliance by incorporating TCP/IP, HTTP Server and VNC support into a single unit that can support as many as 16 servers locally or over the Web.

Tandberg’s RDX Breathes Life into Backup Hardware Market

Hosted storage has been slowly replacing tape as a means of backup for the SMB market, denying solution providers their instant profits of hardware sales. Tandberg is looking to revitalise those backup hardware sales with the RDX series, which is cheaper and faster than hosted solutions, and eliminates all the hassles of tape.

Server Wars: AMD`s Opteron VS. Intel`s Xeon

In the battle for 45 nanometer dual-process supremacy, AMD’s Opteron 2384 is pitted against Intel’s X5492 Xeon. The winner comes down to the classic factors of power consumption vs. performance.

IPEVO TR-10 Makes Phone Conferencing Portable

The TR-10 offers big features in a diminutive package for workers on the go who need to host conference calls from most anywhere and makes a great add-on product to notebook computers.

The Network Effect

Your customers think they can delay network infrastructure improvements to save money. It’s up to solution providers to explain why that’s a penny wise, but a pound foolish.