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JMC IT awarded contract as national partner for the Institute of Recruiters

JMC IT has been awarded a contract by not-for-profit professional recruitment body, the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) to help offer technology-related support and advice to its UK-wide members. The Manchester-based IT support partner said it will work closely with the organisation to provide in-depth advice through its portal as well as help host events, round

Could crime fighting app HideMyAss make bankers insecure?

Jack Cator sounds like the name of a self taught maverick cop with unconventional ways of tackling crime. HideMyAss sounds like the sort of dialogue you’d expect to hear being shouted in the trailer for his TV series. Cator might be teamed up with someone called Danvers, who does everything by the book, and together

Top-tier motherboard manufacturers slash prices for 7 series boards

Top-tier motherboard manufacturers are apparently dropping their 7 series motherboard prices to compete for market share, the Digitimes has reported. However, the rumours have neither been confirmed nor denied by Intel. According to sources from the motherboard manufacturing industry, the price drops are as a result of a decline in shipment growth and huge competition

Intel offers channel partners hardware and software to address new technologies

Intel is now shipping a range of server motherboards, chassis and software, which it claims will support channel resellers building servers using its Xeon E5 processor. The company has also launched what it’s calling its Intel Server Continuity Suite software for Intel rack and server products, which it claims will help channel resellers grow their

Citrix offers up easy to use Windows service optimised for mobile users

Citrix has introduced a new cloud service for providing hosted Windows apps and desktops, hoping to make life easier for providers and offering a better experience for end users. With the release of the Cloud Provider Pack, Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) will soon be able to cheaply and easily run ‘Windows as a Service’ hosting

Channel Partners To Sell HP’s Cloud AppsTest

Testing laboratories cost a fortune to build and even more to run. With a cloud based testing service, software can be tested more often and more cheaply. Who knows, the quality of software in general might improve

UK Security Resellers Get Tufin’s Policy Management

The systems save on management costs by automating network security operations, claimed David Caughtry, director of core technology at Computerlinks. Their other selling point is that they help companies manage compliance through change control, he argued.

Apple Nehalem-Based Servers Now at Resellers

Pushing the message of energy efficiency in performance per watt, Apple has released updated Xserve workgroup servers based on Intel’s Nehalem Xeon 5500 processor. Xserve starts at a price of £2,000 and is available now through Apple resellers and the Apple Store.