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Algomi ALFA Delivering Actionable Liquidity with Liquidnet and Trumid

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Algomi, which provides data aggregation technology for the optimization
of fixed income liquidity, today announced Algomi ALFA will enable
orders to be executed on Liquidnet and Trumid.

With this new functionality, Algomi ALFA goes beyond aggregating market
data and liquidity to allow traders to efficiently navigate the markets
and execute trades without duplicating steps across platforms. For
actionable liquidity alerts, Algomi ALFA enables order staging and
desktop interoperability.

Algomi ALFA allows traders to engage with Liquidnet’s growing corporate
bond liquidity on any actionable alert, by populating orders directly
from ALFA before sending to Liquidnet via FIX. Liquidnet subsequently
launches an active negotiation window to traders from its desktop
application. Once the trade is completed, traders can view and export
the execution report from ALFA.

For Trumid, traders can engage with all Trumid actionable alerts from
within Algomi ALFA, through Algomi’s graphical user interface and using
the OpenFin message bus. When a trader engages with an alert in Algomi
ALFA, Trumid displays the appropriate dialogue, depending on the current
state of the trader’s activity and bond’s activity on Trumid. The trader
then engages directly within Trumid.

Scott Eaton the CEO of Algomi said “As a market neutral provider, we are
delighted to announce this initiative with Liquidnet and Trumid. Fund
managers can now easily action and execute decisions based on the
front-end data aggregation we provide. This is a major step in creating
an efficient workflow process that leads to trading with increased
speed, improved liquidity and efficiency in the market.”

Constantinos Antoniades, Global Head of Fixed Income at Liquidnet, said
“This additional workflow makes it easier for our Members to both
consume and react to liquidity alerts from our Virtual High Touch
ecosystem directly on Algomi ALFA. We are very pleased to continue to
work closely with Algomi to help develop innovative features that create
efficiencies for our Members and help improve access to greater

“As a company focused on trading efficiency and market intelligence, we
are happy to be working with Algomi to provide additional workflow
solutions for our shared clientbase,” said Mike Sobel, President of
Trumid. “This initiative allows Algomi ALFA users to easily engage with
the large Trumid network and liquidity pool.”

Notes to Editors

About Algomi
Algomi is a software company that provides
technology to financial market participants to improve their workflow
and liquidity by data aggregation, pre-trade information analysis, and
execution facilitation. We are a market neutral system provider, using
our expertise in technological facilitation to improve liquidity and
efficiency in the market.

Founded in 2012, Algomi is headquartered in London with offices in New
York and Hong Kong. Algomi’s strength and stability comes through
investment from AllianceBernstein, Euroclear, Euronext, and S&P Global.

About Liquidnet
Liquidnet is a technology-driven, global
institutional investment network that intelligently connects the world’s
investors to the world’s investments. Since our founding in 1999, our
network has grown to include more than 1,000 institutional investors
that collectively manage $33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets.
Our network spans 46 markets across six continents and seamlessly
connects institutional brokers, investment banks, exchanges, alternative
trading venues, and a growing list of data and research providers. We
built Liquidnet to make global capital markets more efficient, and
continue to do so by adding additional participants, enabling trusted
access to trading and investment opportunities, and delivering the
actionable intelligence and insight that our customers need. For more
information, visit
and follow us on Twitter @Liquidnet.

Liquidnet, Inc. is a member of FINRA/SIPC

About Trumid
Trumid is a financial technology company
bringing efficiency to credit trading through data, technology and
innovative products. Trumid Market Center, the company’s electronic
trading platform, provides corporate bond market professionals with
direct access to liquidity and market intelligence. Trumid’s products
leverage the network effect and data science to empower all credit
market participants to make more informed decisions. Trumid was founded
in 2014 by credit professionals with over 100 years of combined trading
experience and is headquartered in New York City. Learn more at: