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Dynatrace Expands Support for Kubernetes

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Software intelligence company Dynatrace,
today announced that its open AI engine, Davis™,
now provides even smarter and more precise answers and actionable
insights about Kubernetes
environments. Through automatically ingesting new Kubernetes cluster and
node health, and utilization metrics into Davis™ and combining them with
the rich, high-fidelity application and transaction data that Dynatrace®
already collects, enterprises can create successful Kubernetes
deployments, accelerate innovation through DevOps and increase
competitiveness by bringing new services to market faster.

New, out-of-the-box Kubernetes dashboards and advanced filtering
capabilities allow cloud teams to filter and find the right information
quickly, so they can analyze and optimize Kubernetes workloads and
manage cluster and node health with ease.

Kubernetes is being widely adopted to accelerate digital transformation
and achieve greater agility. But the highly dynamic nature of
Kubernetes, and the sprawl of Kubernetes orchestrated cloud native
workloads can be problematic for enterprises to manage without real-time
visibility and automatic intelligence.

“We anticipated this highly dynamic, hybrid cloud world five years ago
and purpose-built our Dynatrace® platform for microservice
and container-based environments like Kubernetes,” explains Steve Tack,
SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Not only did we figure out how
to automatically instrument a Kubernetes environment, both container and
container payloads, we can also analyze a Kubernetes orchestrated cloud
in real-time with a deterministic AI engine we call Davis™. We did this
so that DevOps and IT Operations teams can innovate and automate faster
with confidence. Today, we are making Dynatrace even smarter by bringing
Kubernetes cluster and node health, and utilization metrics and
dashboards into our open platform.”

“Dynatrace works seamlessly with our Kubernetes environment to provide
precise answers that help us to innovate faster,” says Felix Gratz,
Application Performance Management and System Architecture at Daimler
AG. “We adopted Kubernetes because it would help us accelerate
time-to-market, and Dynatrace helps us to do just that. Dynatrace is a
great solution that automates the monitoring of Kubernetes workloads at
scale and provides AI-powered answers, allowing us to focus our efforts
on innovation.”

Purpose-built for dynamic, container-based cloud environments,
Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform has three critical
differentiators that overcome challenges faced by do-it-yourself or
traditional monitoring solutions in Kubernetes environments:

1. Automatic – With OneAgent®, Dynatrace automatically
configures, and discovers all components of the full stack, including
short-lived containers and new services as they spin up. Other solutions
require each container to be manually instrumented, which can’t be done
and creates microservices and container blind spots.

2. Full stack – Our SmartScape®
technology dynamically maps the complete topology of the full stack and
its dependencies across the enterprise cloud. This map is continuously
updated in real-time to provide a comprehensive view of the
infrastructure, the container orchestration, the services, and the
applications, including how they are connected, and how they are
performing. This is particularly valuable in a highly dynamic
environment like Kubernetes.

3. Precise Answers – Our AI engine, Davis™
continually learns what normal performance is, for a Kubernetes cloud
environment, processing billions of dependencies in milliseconds. Davis™
provides precise root cause answers to problems, automatic insight into
user experience and behavior, and real-time business impact of issues.
This enables faster decision making, greater optimization of IT
resources, and better business outcomes. The automatic ingestion of
Kubernetes cluster and node health, and utilization metrics now makes
Davis™ that much smarter.

Today’s news was announced at Dynatrace’s Perform
Summit Barcelona
, taking place from May 21st – 23rd
at The Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I. During the event, more than 1,200
industry leaders are set to gain insights into how to automate
enterprise cloud operations, release better software faster and deliver
unrivalled digital experiences.

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Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud
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