Press release

FedNet Introduces NewsIntel for State-of-the-Art Impeachment Coverage

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FedNet’s NewsIntel offers the most advanced, fastest text available of the Constitutionally important open Impeachment Hearings and Press Conferences, and potential Senate trial of President Donald Trump. Artificial intelligence (AI) voice-to-text technology creates impressively accurate text of the spoken word as events progress, syndicated live for subscribers. As logical portions and short events are completed, AI immediately syncs audio to text and instantaneously identifies speakers. Keith Carney, president of FedNet stated, “This is a breakthrough newsgathering service. Its speed is unmatched and will greatly enhance the way the news industry performs their work.”

News events are produced in their entirety. Hearing coverage is presented in logically segmented partials by yielded time, one-per-Committee Member or shorter. Thereby, NewsIntel provides Impeachment watchers with the speediest turnaround text available anywhere, plus access to the generated archive.

With group packages affordably prices for newsrooms and bureaus, NewsIntel provides real-time access to all open Impeachment related events on Capitol Hill. Its desktop/mobile website is ideal for reporters, copy editors and bureau chiefs needing to quickly verify testimony and remarks.

FedNet is a 25-year-old credentialed news organization on Capitol Hill. FedNet broadcasts the House and Senate Floor Debates, hearings and press conferences from at FedNet has provided gavel-to-gavel sessions since 1996 and broadcast live coverage of tens of thousands of Congressional events. A leader in broadcast technology, FedNet is the largest producer of verbatim transcripts of Congressional events.