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Kublr VMware Integration Now Streamlines Kubernetes Deployments on any Environment

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Kublr announced
today a new integration that makes it dramatically easier to deploy,
run, and manage Kubernetes clusters on VMware. This is the latest
advancement in the Kublr Platform’s ability to provide Kubernetes
automation across multiple environments. Kublr will be showcased at KubeCon
+ CloudNativeCon Europe 2019
in Barcelona, Spain May 20-23, 2019.

“Enterprises use different virtualization technologies in different
environments, frequently VMware for on-premise or hosted environments,
and the cloud providers’ virtualization engines in the cloud. By
integrating with VMware, we deliver ‘cloud-like’ automation for all of
their environments,” explained Slava Koltovich, CEO of Kublr.

Through the intuitive Kublr UI, administrators will see a list of data
centers, resource pools, data stores, and networks available based on
their login credentials. They can then define the number of master and
worker nodes and choose the IP Address Allocation Mode. The integration
enables operations teams to leverage cloud-init or custom VMTemplates,
ensuring conformance with their enterprise practices and automating the
provisioning of VMs and Kubernetes clusters at the same time.

The Kublr Platform already supports bare metal deployments with SSH
automation, and even enables air-gapped deployments for highly secure
environments. When combined with Kublr’s cloud offerings across AWS,
Azure, & GCP, the Kublr Platform meets on-premise, hybrid, and
multi-cloud requirements while providing centralized logging and
monitoring to ensure observability and operational control.

“We see an expanding number of enterprise use cases for Kubernetes from
stateless web and mobile apps, to containers and Kubernetes as enablers
of application modernization, to data science/ML/ and AI applications,”
said Oleg Chunikhin, Kublr CTO. “This is driving the need for IT
organizations to support Kubernetes in multiple environments through a
single control plane.”

A Kubernetes-based container management platform, Kublr is focused on
making cloud-native technology enterprise-friendly by enabling
fine-grained operations control aligned with internal security policies.
Today’s announcement represents one further step in easing the
Kubernetes adoption path for large enterprises with heterogeneous

About Kublr

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Kublr’s Kubernetes platform speeds the
management of containerized applications on any infrastructure. Without
tying users to a single cloud, PaaS, OS, or limiting technology stack,
Kublr empowers enterprises to run and manage their applications wherever
they want, disrupting the prevailing cloud and vendor lock-in. Built on
an open platform with a pluggable architecture, Kublr provides built-in
multi-factor enterprise security, configuration management, backup and
disaster recovery, and logging and monitoring providing the reliability
and flexibility large organizations need.

We are a proud contributor to the Kubernetes codebase, an active member
of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), and completed the CNCF Kubernetes
Software Conformance Certification
 program. Follow @Kublr and
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