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RenoRun Hires Construction Industry Evangelist and Former Buildertrend Executive Paul Wurth as New Chief Revenue Officer

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As RenoRun continues to pave the way in construction technology, they are excited to announce the hiring of Paul Wurth, Chief Revenue Officer. Wurth joins the rapidly growing team of over 150 employees in North America and will lead all revenue departments in their growth initiatives, including the continued expansion into U.S. markets.

His industry expertise and professional background make him a key player in the continued development of the business. Wurth comes to the table with 14 years of experience in construction technology with Buildertrend—an industry-leading project management system in residential construction. During his time as Vice President of Sales & Vice President of Marketing, he also solidified his position as an industry thought leader, speaker, and podcast host.

“I’m thrilled to join one of the most exciting companies in the construction technology space. I’ve been following Eamonn and the RenoRun story very closely for the last three years. When the opportunity presented itself to join the RenoRun rocket ship, it was a no brainer for me. I am super excited to introduce our mission to dozens of U.S. cities over the next few years. RenoRun will be a name every residential contractor will know well, very soon!” he says.

RenoRun CEO and former contractor Eamonn O’Rourke added, “Paul’s understanding of the needs of contractors is second to none. He spent the majority of his career helping contractors around the world be more efficient and that is our core reason to exist.”

RenoRun is designed to help contractors stay efficient by keeping their team working onsite without interruption. Over 15,000 customers count on RenoRun to save time and money by having construction materials delivered to them on their terms, so they can keep their projects rolling.

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Parking Lots, Tim Horton’s, and Notebooks

RenoRun was born in 2016 with the insight that contractors spend too much time away from their job sites by going to the store to procure materials. Before building out the concept, the co-founders—three construction industry veterans—would sit in different hardware store parking lots around Montreal in the winter, with Tim Horton’s coffees, and notebooks in hand. They kept count of anyone coming out in work boots, plus vans and pickup trucks, and compared notes at the end of the day. This was their “customer.”

After noticing that there were roughly 2,000 contractors per hour circulating hardware stores in Montreal, they decided to set out on a crusade to better serve them, and to unleash them from the unpleasantries that had been normalized in the construction industry.

Fast forward to today and we’re still on that mission to empower contractors to build the work around us. Construction professionals don’t just want, but deserve, to get time back.