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Sesame, a Direct-to-Patient Platform, Expands Video Doctor Visits to Colorado

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Sesame, a direct-to-patient healthcare company, today announces its expansion of affordable video appointments in Colorado. Patients are able to book appointments with a wide range of trusted healthcare providers in their area, including urgent care doctors, dentists and dermatologists, as well as those who specialize in mental & behavioral health, pain management and general wellness & prevention. For Colorado residents, the average price of video appointments on Sesame range from $29 – $68.

Regardless of whether a patient is uninsured or has health insurance, Sesame’s mission is to ensure that quality health care is accessible and affordable to all Americans who need it. Each vetted doctor on Sesame’s marketplace lists their own prices, which cuts out the middlemen that drive up costs of traditional healthcare. Sesame passes those lower prices directly to patients – saving them 60% on average. By offering costs upfront, Sesame also removes the hidden fees, unexplained charges, and surprise bills from third parties that make seeking care intimidating and unaffordable.

“At a time when millions of Americans have lost their employer-provided insurance and are looking for affordable healthcare options, we are excited to expand our telemedicine offerings to Colorado — a state that is pioneering health care in response to nonviolent crisis calls,” said David Goldhill, Co-Founder and CEO of Sesame. “With Sesame, patients have another straightforward way to gain access to video care for any health needs, from a prescription refill, a video COVID-19 screening or mental health consultation, at more affordable prices than they can find anywhere else.”

With rising COVID-19 cases, a complicated vaccine rollout, and the high demand for mental health services, affordable telehealth is crucial in providing patients with the specialized or routine care they need. Through Sesame, Colorado residents can easily search for specialized providers in their area, book and pay for that service, and have their video appointment safely and conveniently from their own home. Since Sesame’s video appointment technology is HIPAA-compliant, it is able to provide the tools needed to integrate with existing healthcare systems.


Sesame is a direct-to-patient healthcare company making quality care more accessible, affordable, and transparent. By offering a platform that connects providers and patients directly, separate from health insurance, Sesame removes the middlemen that drive up costs of the healthcare system. Sesame passes those savings onto patients saving up to 60% on average. Sesame is now available with in-person services in select cities and video appointments nationwide in states like Colorado to increase access to quality health care for millions of Americans. For more info, visit