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STEMscopes NGSS 3D Receives Top Marks from Learning List for Alignment to Next Generation Science Standards for Grades K-8

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announced today that STEMscopes™
has received the highest rating for alignment to the Next
Generation Science Standards (NGSS) from Learning
, an instructional materials review service for schools and
districts. The Alignment
is an independent review of the material’s alignment to each
NGSS standard in grades K-8.

STEMscopes NGSS 3D is a phenomena-based STEM curriculum that provides
teachers with everything they need to address the Disciplinary Core
Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices that
form each standard of the NGSS. It includes customizable, coherent,
storyline-driven bundles that immerse students in overarching STEM
phenomena while linking three dimensions across lesson modules.

“Learning List considers a product aligned to a standard only if it
addresses the content, context, and rigor of the standard. STEMscopes
NGSS 3D was built from the ground up to the NGSS, and we are pleased to
see that Learning List has given the curriculum its highest rating for
alignment,” said Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate
Learning. “With this objective, independent review, educators can choose
instructional materials more effectively and efficiently, and have
greater confidence that they will address the knowledge and skills
students need.”

“Since so many of our subscribing districts are looking for high quality
NGSS materials, we were delighted to review STEMscopes NGSS 3D,” said
Jackie Lain, president of Learning List. “Our detailed alignment reports
reveal where the material is aligned not only to the Performance
Expectations (PE), but also to the DCIs, CCCs and SEPs that comprise
each PE. Our reviews show that this material provides teachers with
multiple opportunities to help students engage in science and think like

About Learning List

Learning List is an instructional materials review service that has
reviewed thousands of the most widely used PK-12 instructional materials
for schools and districts across the country. Learning List reviews
materials aligned to state, Common Core, NGSS, and Advanced Placement
standards. For each material, they produce three professional reviews,
including a review of the material’s technology compatibility and
usability, quality of instruction, and alignment to the relevant
standards. For more information, contact

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