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Strategy Analytics: Edge Computing on the Rise in IoT Deployments

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Edge Computing is on the rise in IoT deployments and is expected to
show solid growth over the coming years, according to Strategy Analytics
most recent report:
Computing: Decentralizing for Performance in the IoT

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Figure 1. Edge Computer Benefits (Graphic: Business Wire)

Figure 1. Edge Computer Benefits (Graphic: Business Wire)

Strategy Analytics believes that data will be processed (in some form)
by edge computing in 59% of IoT deployments by 2025. The driving forces
in this assumption are the key benefits derived from edge computing,
namely more efficient use of the network, security and response time.
Currently, Strategy Analytics’ End User research suggests that 44% of
companies are currently using edge computing, in some form, in their

Andrew Brown, Executive Director Enterprise and IoT Research
“While the cloud represents an increasingly common model
for analyzing IoT data, enthusiasm is growing for edge computing, where
data can be analyzed and filtered at the edge of the network. Doing so
can lead to benefits in delivering a faster response from analyzed data.
Taking a more efficient and optimized approach in terms of what data is
sent to the cloud, with reductions in traffic volumes, has positive net
effects both on the security of the data being sent and the cost of
sending data to the cloud.”

David Kerr, SVP Global Wireless Practice, added: “While Edge
benefits include faster response times, improved application
performance, reduced network traffic, security and reduced demand on
cloud infrastructure, there remain challenges that must be considered as
well. These include immaturity of the current market and perceptions
among customers that they have no need to change their current setup.
Other issues include a lack of familiarity with edge computing for IoT
environments and a lack of transparency over the additional costs that
could be incurred.”

The full report covering a deep dive analysis of edge computing in
IoT, including perspectives from end user customers, from Strategy
Analytics’ IoT Strategies (IoT) service, Edge Computing:
Decentralizing for Performance in the IoT,
 can be found here:

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