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Tripwire Cloud Management Assessor Expands, Now Manages Secure Configuration for All Cloud Assets, from Cloud Storage to SaaS applications

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, a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions
for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced expanded
support for cloud environments with Cloud
Management Assessor
(CMA). As an extension of Tripwire’s flagship
secure configuration solution, Tripwire® Enterprise, CMA assesses cloud
assets for publicly exposed data and secure configurations. CMA’s
expanded coverage and new functionality allows organizations to monitor
and control third-party SaaS applications such as, in
addition to Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud subscription
accounts and cloud storage.

Cloud Management Assessor helps customers determine the security state
of their cloud deployments by gathering and evaluating configuration
data. Building on its ability to monitor cloud platform accounts, CMA
now monitors SaaS configurations, ensuring they adhere to company
policies and industry best practices like the Center for Internet
Security (CIS) benchmarks. The cybersecurity solution also monitors for
configuration changes that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or
availability of a user’s cloud assets, giving administrators the ability
to maintain security and compliance.

“As IT environments shift more of their workload to the cloud, we’re
helping them stay on top of the changing and growing attack surface,”
said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at
Tripwire. “Misconfiguration is one of the biggest threats to cloud
security, and we have seen this in several cases where private data was
inadvertently exposed through the cloud. With the proliferation of so
many different cloud services, it’s critical to manage and secure the
configuration of an organization’s cloud usage.”

With its integrity monitoring capabilities, CMA quickly alerts
organizations if sensitive information is mistakenly left exposed on the
internet through public cloud storage services like Amazon S3 and Google
Cloud buckets and Azure blobs. By providing change monitoring of files
stored in the cloud and alerting to suspicious or unauthorized changes,
CMA gives organizations information for mitigating publicly exposed
cloud data.

Erlin added: “Misconfigured storage elements are not the only cloud
threat CMA addresses. The average enterprise subscribes to approximately
16 SaaS services, like, that hold sensitive customer
data. Given increased privacy regulations like GDPR and the California
Consumer Privacy Act, organizations should be especially careful about
protecting the data held in these applications.”

Tripwire is especially suited to address security and compliance
concerns and the unique needs of hybrid cloud environments – spanning
on-premise, cloud and multi-cloud deployments – with unified management
and support for elastic monitoring, container assessment, and cloud
platforms and policies.

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