IBM tries fresh approach to pull SMBs and enterprises together

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IBM mediates between the small and the big

Major vendor IBM has introduced an idea in the USA to connect large corporations to small suppliers. Although we don’t know whether IBM will extend the idea to Europe, it’s certainly a different approach to the supply chain. And a different form of mediation.

Called Supplier Connection, small businesses, whether they’re in logistics or vertical markets, with 1,000 SMBs already registered and waiting to take orders from 250 large company buyers. Categories also include suppliers of IT products and services, software, and security systems.

The web site allows vendors to fill out an online form to be considered for eligibility – the site is maintained by IBM boosted by a grant of $10 billion from the IBM International Foundation.

Stanley Litow, IBM VP of the Foundation, said: “By reducing complexity and offering access to spending by a group of large companies, Supplier Connection will help small businesses grow and improve their bottom line.”

Other businesses that have joined the initiative include AMD, Dell, Facebook, and Office Depot, while AT&T, Bank of America, Citigroup, IBM and Pfizer are founder members.

The members of the programme buy over $300 billion annually in goods and services.

The website is here.

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