DDN Launches Hadoop-based Big Data Simplifier For Enterprises

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The DirectMon complexity buster will crunch Big Data seven times faster, DDN claims

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has launched an appliance that it claims will take the pain out of Hadoop-based  Big Data analytics.

The hScaler appliance has an engine that simplifies the process of monitoring a Hadoop infrastructure. It improves performance by offloading data management functions to highly available storage and obviating problems caused by clustered server failures. DDN claims that its Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) makes the whole system run seven times quicker, minimises infrastructure requirements and cuts operational costs.

Cockahoop with Hadoop

The savings come through being four times denser than conventional systems, reducing the space taken up by hardware in the data centre. DDN claimed this will cut the cost of floorspace in addition to simplifying the management. The vendor claims an ETL engine in the hScaler has over 200 data connectors which streamline data ingestion, manipulation and integration, which saves data scientists having to make difficult programming decisions.

According to Google, ETL stands for both extract, transform and load and Edison Testing Laboratory. At the time of going to press, data expert DDN had not clarified which of this is present in the hScaler platform.

In addition, DirectMon software could make configuring and monitoring the hardware simpler and cut the cost of administration. The vendor has promised an unspecified number of experienced support and services Big Data experts.

The hScaler appliance is scheduled for general availability on March 31, 2013.

DDN’s executive VP of strategy and technology Jean-Luc Chatelain was cockahoop about the Hadoop invention, claiming it was the next step forward for democracy. “It takes an advanced analytics solution that was economical for only the richest and most information-driven organisations in the world and puts it well within the grasp of enterprise CIOs,” he said.

Dave Vellante, chief research officer for Wikibon, said it will simplify rollouts so that enterprises can get up and running more quickly: ”For enterprises with a deluge of data but a limited IT budget, the DDN hScaler appliance should be on the short list of potential solutions.”

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