Quantum and Veeam ship joint backup solutions

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Veeam backup software with Quantum’s storage solutions maximises data availability

Quantum has announced a Premier Technology Alliance partnership with Veeam Software to bring joint virtual machine (VM) storage and availability solutions to customers worldwide. The collaboration will enable the two companies to serve a broader range of customers with simplified virtual data backup solutions.

The combination of Veeam Backup & Replication software with Quantum’s storage solutions maximises data availability, enabling files to be restored in just seconds and VMs to be restored in minutes, said the partners, while reducing both on-premise and disaster recovery (DR) site backup storage costs.

The combination also shortens backup windows. Quantum will showcase the joint solutions with Veeam at VMworld in San Francisco next week.

Veeam Cloud ConnectRick Hoffman, senior vice president of alliances, Veeam, said: “Our customers recognise the value of simplicity and performance for protecting VMs while keeping the cost of ownership in check. Quantum’s tiered storage solution is a forward-looking approach to VM protection that complements Veeam’s availability solutions.”

Robert Clark, senior vice president, product operations, Quantum, said: “The nature of backup in the data centre is changing, and companies are moving away from the expensive, centralised solutions that have traditionally dominated there.

Veeam’s unique feature set combined with Quantum’s tiered backup storage solutions will enable customers to maximise production system availability while reducing their backup and DR costs.”

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