Kaspersky: Firms don’t trust their suppliers over data security

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Suppliers responsible for 11 percent of cyber security incidents costing up to $3m each

A global survey commissioned by Kaspersky Lab has shown that over a third of companies “do not trust their suppliers” around data security, with the figure for the UK standing at 38 percent.

The principal reason for this loss of faith in suppliers, said Kaspersky, is the fact that they were to blame for eleven percent of cyber security breaches in 2015. The survey also found that the average cost of such an incident for enterprises exceeds $3 million.

Kaspersky Lab LondonCyber incidents involving suppliers and small- and medium-sized businesses cost $67,000 on average, showed the survey.

Kirill Slavin, general manager for UK and Ireland, Kaspersky Lab, said: “In order to prevent losses and facilitate secure communications with suppliers, a multi-layered strategy is required. Outlining access rights to different segments of the corporate network for individual employees allows a business to limit a supplier’s access to company resources.”

He added: “Ensuring that you find out the details of the supplier’s IT security system and create rules of collaboration that are based on security, not just productivity and flexibility, is vital too.”

Kaspersky Lab recently appointed distributor Exertis UK to maximise the company’s B2B routes in the UK. Appointing Exertis will strengthen value-add services for Kaspersky Lab resellers, said the security software vendor.

Exertis will provide support and training and work with channel partners on deals as part of an end-to-end on-boarding process.

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