Distie Exclusive Group reports 60 percent half-year growth

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BigTec business sees ‘triple digit’ growth in software-defined web-scale space

Global distributor Exclusive Group has announced a 60 percent year-on-year growth in sales for the first six months of 2016, with total revenues of €575 million.

The half-year results are “comparable” to total income for the whole of 2014, said Exclusive, keeping the group “on target to continue its legacy of doubling revenue every two years”, said the firm.

Barrie Desmond - Exclusive“The intention to have a more blended business is paying dividends, with each of our ancillary services businesses contributing to strong growth,” said Olivier Breittmayer, CEO of Exclusive Group.

“These results also show how well-balanced the group is globally, able to absorb fluctuations in regional geographies and economies with little impact on momentum. It is particularly pleasing to see our rapidly expanding BigTec business in the software-defined web-scale infrastructure marketplace returning triple-digit growth.”

On a “like-for-like basis”, not including Asia, year-on-year growth was over 25 percent (€464 million). The Asia integration is now complete and “generating significant growth”, the group said.

Exclusive Group COO Barrie Desmond (pictured) said: “We are more motivated than ever to extend our value-added model further, resisting the pressure to dilute our specialisms or tone-down our disruptive nature.

“We are investing in our future with more innovative services and insight to benefit our vendor and reseller partners worldwide.”

Exclusive Group did not publicly release any profit figures for its business.


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