Tech Data ups Google Chrome efforts with Tom Baker


He’s not the Doctor but he’s determined that teachers know the full benefits of Chrome from resellers

Tech Data has appointed Tom Baker as its first business development manager for Google in Education. He will be looking to work with partners to raise awareness and increase penetration of Chrome-based devices across the sector.

Baker moves from his post as Google sales specialist, which he had occupied for just over two years. Baker (pictured) said: “I’ve done a lot of work with education partners already but in this new role I’ll be able to concentrate all my efforts on supporting resellers that have a specific focus on schools and driving penetration of Chrome devices.

tom-baker-tech-data“I feel that we can make a positive difference – for schools and for partners – by raising awareness of Chromebooks and demonstrating just how effective they are in educational settings.”

Tech Data has been working with a number of resellers to develop Chrome business and Baker will be looking to recruit other partners that have an education-focus. The company has seen a substantial uplift in Chrome device shipments over the past year, with sales up 100 percent in June 2016, year-on-year.

Tech Data claims to be the leading distributor for Chrome devices in the UK. It has a dedicated Chrome team and offers a wide range of Chromebook and Chromebox devices from leading vendors, as well as the Google Chrome Device Management and Chromebox for Meetings solutions.

Matt Beresford, Google business development manager, said that end-user awareness of Chrome is growing and opportunities are expanding. “We are seeing more and more interest, not only in schools and the public sector, but in commercial organisations too. The appeal of Chrome is undeniable and any organisation looking to maximise its budget can’t afford to overlook Chrome as an option.

“Chrome devices offer optimum flexibility, low acquisition and running costs, and with Chrome Device Management and Chromebox for Meetings, the potential to drive increased efficiency and collaboration.”


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