IBM leads the way as IT operations management software resists tightening budgets

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Software for IT tools such as applications management approach double digit revenue growth once again

Revenues of software for IT operation management (ITOM) have resisted tightening IT budgets and economic upheaval, with IBM continuing to lead a market worth $18.3 billion.

Overall the market for ITOM software, covering tools to manage performance of application and networking environments, grew 8.7 percent last year according to Gartner, showing that purse strings are being loosened for essential IT work.

IBM stayed at the forefront of the market, raking in nearly $1 billion compared to its closest rival, performing well in the combined mainframe management segment.  The segment accounts for 28 percent of the entire ITOM software market.

CA technologies stayed in second place, with revenue growth ahead of the overall market for the third year in a row.

BMC saw 8.2 percent growth, with 31 percent of its growth coming from mainframe segments.

Microsoft saw impressive growth of 11.2 percent from 2010 to 2011, as it concentrated on configuration management and availability and performance management.

“The market showed growth for the second consecutive year, after a sharp decline in 2009, despite slow economic growth, tight IT budgets, and merger and acquisition activity,” said Gartner research analyst Laurie Wurster.

“We saw consistent resilience in 2011, with the ITOM software market expanding both in terms of revenue and worldwide markets.”

ITOM Software Vendors, Total Software Revenue, Worldwide, 2010-2011 (Millions of Dollars)

Vendor 2011
2011 Market Share (%) 2010
2010 Market Share (%) 2010-2011 Growth (%)
IBM 3,256.4 17.8 3,126.5 18.6 4.2
CA Technologies 2,258.1 12.3 2,064.0 12.3 9.4
BMC Software 1,833.0 10.0 1,693.5 10.1 8.2
Microsoft 1,271.9 6.9 1,143.5 6.8 11.2
HP 1,185.4 6.5 1,141.7 6.8 3.8
Others 8,498.1 46.4 7,676.1 45.6 10.7
Total 18,302.9 100.0 16,845.4 100.0 8.7

Source: Gartner (May 2012)

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