UK channel veteran Roy Taylor talks the tech talk

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3D, sorry object printers are pretty exciting

We’ve known Roy Taylor since the early 1990s and amazingly that’s really quite a long time ago. That makes him a veteran. He spent a long time at Nvidia. He is an industry figure.

Roy Taylor in California

In those days he worked for Blue Micro, along with John Byrne. We never quite figured this out at the time, but Blue Micro appeared to be then acting as the agent for Cyrix microprocessors, identical to IBM microprocessors but with a different logo up top. Big Blue, at the time, denied its non Intel X86 microprocessors were anything to do with Cyrix. But I knew better.

Now Roy has a blog and there’s a lot of useful information up there. He takes exception to the description of printers that make real objects as 3D printers, he prefers Object Printers. He is right, really. They are pretty amazing – we came across them first three or four years ago.

You grab a 3D CAD thingie and then you can make an object, a component, an artefact. You can read what he has to say about this stuff here. You can’t reproduce Stonehenge.


I also quite like what he has to say about complaining. You should never complain online ever because you will be found out. Despite the fact he is in Hollywood, he appears to be pictured in front of the Golden Gate bridge. We’d like a high res pic of you near to the Hollywood sign, Roy!

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