OECD charts top broadband subscribers

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Korea way in front for wireless, UK trails behind

A fresh report from the OECD has revealed that Switzerland tops the charts worldwide for fixed broadband rankings, while Korea leads the charge in wireless broadband. The UK hardly shines at eighth place, behind France, Norway, Korea and Iceland.

The statistics reveal that Switzerland has 39.9 subscribers per 100 inhabitants for fixed broadband, closely followed by the Netherlands at 39.1 and then Denmark at 37.9.

Overall, DSL subscriptions are declining at 55.8 percent while cable has benefited by 30 percent. Fiber to the home subscriptions now make up 13.7 percent of the total number of fixed broadband.

According to the OECD, in terms of overall fixed broadband subscriptions, the United States leads with 85.6 million, followed by Japan at 34.8 million, Germany at 27.1 million, France at 22.6 million and then the UK at 20.4 million.

For wireless broadband rankings per 100 inhabitants, Korea was way ahead at 100.6, followed by Sweden at 98.0 and Finland at 87.8. Next was Japan at 82.4, Denmark at 81.5, Norway at 77.9 and the US by 76.1. Then Australia, New Zealand and Luxembourg. The United Kingdom was way down the charts at 16th place with a ranking of 53.5. However, as we know, the government is keen to roll broadband out across all of the UK including in rural areas.

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