Mindjet woos channel with simplified software sales approach

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All software will be rolled into one subscription based product

Business collaboration software vendor Mindjet has announced a consolidation of its product range, shifting to a 100 percent subscription model as it creates a simplified sales approach for its resellers.

Mindjet, which sells through around 150 partners in the UK including the likes of Misco and Insight UK, has announced that it will change the way that its brainstorming collaboration software is sold, moving to a subscription model, and incorporating all of its offerings into one package.

This will include putting together MindManager, Mindjet Connect, Mindjet Mobile and others into one product labelled simply Mindjet.

UK channel chief Alexis Gorton told ChannelBiz UK that the amount of different products it was offering was making life difficult for resellers.

“Before we offered maybe eight different products covering brainstorming and mapping for Windows and Mac, we had the social task management piece with file-sharing and collaboration side of things, and there’s the SharePoint area as well, and of course mobile.

“We had a lot of different products, and I think for the channel its was a challenge to bring them all together into a solution.  So what we have done is we have made it easy for them by making just one product called Mindjet, which gives customers absolute flexibility wherever they are, whenever it is, and whatever the device they have got in their hand, be it at work on a Windows desktop or at home on a Mac, or out on the road with an iPad or a smartphone.”

Gorton says that the feedback from partners has been positive, and that there are no concerns about no longer being able to sell individual parts of the package. “The product is a lot easier now because it has got that all in one element to it, rather than trying to piece it together as a jigsaw.”

Gorton also contends that, alongside a general shift towards subscription models, ditching a single sale approach will offer its partners benefits of easier access to recurring revenue and greater visibility.

“We have moved to a subscription model completely, we no longer sell perpetual licenses,” Gorton says.  “Moving to subscription gives us greater flexibility in providing customers with regular updates, new features, and ensures that the customer always has the latest version.”

“It also allows the reseller, the channel, to plan their business a bit better because they get greater visibility of the anticipated year one, year two revenue.  So there is a greater visibility and revenue opportunity,” Gorton says.

The new Mindjet subscription is available for a £270 annual subscription and is available now.

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