40 percent of firms think flash storage is ‘too expensive’


But 90 percent of UK firms said there was a need for flash in their business

Despite the cost of flash storage technology decreasing, 40 percent of senior IT decision makers in the UK think the solution is too expensive to invest in, according to research.

Despite this, 90 percent of 1,000 UK decision makers questioned admitted there was a need for flash within their businesses. But it was also found amongst these respondents that 25 percent of financial decision makers within their enterprises do not have sufficient understanding of the benefits of flash technology to make an investment.

Flash SquareOnly one in five IT decision makers (19 percent) said there were no factors that would prevent them from investing in flash.

Data storage vendor NetApp commissioned the research.

Laurence James, NEMEA products, alliances and solutions manager at NetApp, said: “Historically, the capital cost has been a barrier to investments in flash, but it is clear that the operating cost benefits, improved reliability and availability make flash a compelling proposition.

“As flash technology has developed it has become increasingly powerful while physically decreasing in size. We’ve gone from packing the same amount of capacity in 14 feet of rack space into just 14 inches, while scaling up performance and scaling down costs.”

He added: “Our research shows that while the business value of flash in terms of performance and responsiveness is understood by IT decision makers, education on the true value of flash needs to continue further up the chain. Flash is a long-term investment that can transform business performance and should not be analysed in terms of capital investment alone.”


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