Apple preparing to ditch Intel for Mac production

Channel News

Seven years after turning to Intel for chip production, rumours have emerged that Apple is preparing to partner with ARM to power its Mac CPUs.

Sources cited by Bloomberg claim that Apple is exploring the possibility of ditching Intel and using ARM chip designs for its PC range.  Apple already uses ARM designs for its iPhone and iPad ranges, but according to sources familiar with Apple research, engineers are exploring the use of the lower power chips across more of its range.

Such a move is inevitable, according to sources, though it is unlikely that it would take place for a number of years until ARM designs are able to move into the PC market.

Apple has teamed with Intel since 2005, but changing to ARM designs would allow Apple to access the same architecture across all of its device, enabling greater integration for its iOS across all platforms for example.

Such a move would clearly be a major blow for Intel, losing a substantial slice of business with the world’s most profitable company.   Intel has already been struggling with lower PC as shipments of smartphone and tablets, generally using ARM based chips, continue to grow, and losing Apple orders would have a major impact.

However it is unclear whether the speculative reports are likely to be become reality or are just or  merely an attempt pressure on Intel is unclear.   Flirting with and stronger relationship with ARM would give Apple leverage persuade Intel to drop prices for its chips for instance.

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