Cloud: The Bland Are Leading The Blind, Fumes Channel Boss

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Cloud Distribution will scout out the best cloud products so the reseller doesn’t have to, claims new man Adam Davison

Cloud Distribution has appointed a new channel boss to help resellers make the most of the opportunities they are currently missing.

The “bland are leading the blind” in the UK cloud computing marketing, according to the value added distributor’s new director of product marketing Adam Davison. The interesting new disruptive technologies are being overlooked, he said, as big distributors make them a low priority and Vars are oblivious to their existence.

Find new vendors

“I joined this company so I could scout out all the new cloud vendors and handpick the best ones that offer brilliant technology that meets a business need. At the same time, I want to remove the barriers to entry for resellers, who find it tough to find new vendors and even tougher to get skilled-up,” said Davison.

He warned there are next-generation networking and security vendors that could shake up the cloud solutions market, but they are signed with distributors that do not do enough to promote them. Davison claimed his team has created a number of aids to help resellers overcome the barriers to entry to this market. These include tailored vendor support launch packs, bespoke sales training, presales and technical training, a virtual marketing team, and an end user pipeline generation platform.

“I know what it’s like as a start-up trying to break through,” said Davison, “The established vendors get all the distributor’s energy and attention. The lesser-known vendors can be much higher value propositions.”

Cloud Distribution has launched edge and branch wireless networker Meraki,which was bought by Cisco in December; Internet load balancing and VPN bonding company Peplink; visitor management systems maker Vit@r; and software defined networking specialist (SDN) Vyatta into the UK market.

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