Waratek Appoints SI And Declares War On Java Cloud Problems

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The Irish startup hopes to attract enterprises to its Java application-wrapping cloud converter

Converting Java applications for cloud delivery has raised the awareness of costs and incompatibilities that have crippled some projects and delayed others. Waratek, a Java virtualisation specialist based in Ireland, has developed its own technology to enable business critical Java applications to run elastically in multi-tenancy environments without needing to change the core code.

The company has announced the appointment of a Dublin-based systems integration company, Darwin Solutions to handle the needs of Irish clients.

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The Waratek development process comprises three products: Cloud VM for Java, Sleep, and ElastiCat.

The heart of the system is CloudVM for Java which makes existing Java code ready towork as a multi-tenant application and adds the elastic propertirs for scalability – with no changes to the original code. The company claimed that it also increases application density by up to 50 percent and improves the operation and reliability of the Java applications.

ElastiCat handles the multi-tenancy and elasticity by providing Waratek’s Virtualisation Driver that turns an Apache Tomcat Servlet container into a cloud-ready service supplier. The API behind the Virtualisation Driver has been open-sourced as the Java Virtualization Interface (JVI) to allow developers to build their own driver to make their applications cloud ready, with no code change.

Performance is further enhanced by Sleep’s ability to free up resources when they are not in use, “just like closing the lid on your laptop”, the company said. In particular, this frees up memory for use by active applications but keeps the idle application ready for immediate use when it is required again.

By adding cloud-ready properties, Java apps can be deployed on external cloud service provider hardware, such as Amazon EC2, or internally as a private cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

Damien Peat, CEO of Darwin Solutions, said, “Java is the most widely-used programming language in the world but it was not developed for cloud computing. This makes it difficult to run Java applications in cloud environments. I’m delighted to be bringing Waratek’s game changing Java virtualisation to key enterprise clients in Ireland.”

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