3CX unveils new IP PBX partner programme

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The company has 3,000 partners in Europe already

3CX has announced the launch of a rejigged 3CX Partner Programme, which includes new partner levels as well as a new points system.

3CX is a 100 percent channel company and is the developer of the 3CX Phone System, a software-based and open standards IP PBX. The 3CX Phone System is designed to cut telco costs and boost company productivity and mobility.

Unified Communications UC Thinking PhoneGlobally, 3CX has 50,000 customers and tens of thousands of partners, including 3,000 in the UK and Europe.

3CX offers its partners regular training events for free in the form of webinars and on site training. And 3CX partners are entitled to participate in the free certification programme, giving them the resources and knowledge they need to deploy and support 3CX products.

Marcus Kogel, sales manager at 3CX, said: “With the new 3CX Partner Programme we are raising the bar for the channel and renewing our commitment towards our loyal partners.

Unlike other vendors, 3CX has always been about the channel, from our products to our sales processes. Consequently, loyalty towards 3CX rewards partners with important benefits and more profitability.”

The new partner levels are 3CX Affiliate, and 3CX Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners.

The new points system aims at rewarding partners who are certified and trained by 3CX and who also show loyalty to the company with repeated sales. It doesn’t only reflect sales volume, but also the “effort and commitment” a 3CX Partner shows towards 3CX.

With the restructuring of the programme, not only the number of sales are reflected in the points system, but also the number of projects, making it much more achievable to reach the Silver and Gold Partner levels by allowing partners with smaller projects to attain a higher ranking,” said 3CX.


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