Apple repair indy hits back over Error 53

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Problem is ‘being blown out of all proportion’ says iCorrect, to the detriment of independent Apple repairers

Apple repair firm iCorrect is seeking to reassure iPhone users and clarify the effects of the widely reported Error 53 on devices. The update problem hit global headlines after causing chaos and confusion amongst concerned consumers.

Error 53 has been responsible for locking handsets. This happens when the home button – which doubles up as a Touch ID fingerprint unlock function – has been replaced by a third party repairer. When users try to install the latest iOS 9 update they receive the Error 53 message within iTunes, and are then unable to use their smartphone.

iCorrect’s managing director Ricky Panesar said: “Any iPhone 6 screens changed by iCorrect will not result in Error 53, this is because we do not change your iPhone’s home button. We have had reports from customers that other third party repairers break or damage the home button when fixing phones and therefore have to replace it.

Apple iPhoneiCorrect on the other hand has developed a proprietary method of removing the home button whilst ensuring your iPhone won’t break down in future.”

He said Error 53 had been “blown out of all proportion in the mainstream media”, with some “misleading headlines” reporting that all iPhone repairs carried out by independent Apple repair outlets are affected by the error.

He said Error 53 is not a new issue, and was first reported just under a year ago. The Error 53 issue only occurs when Apple’s iTunes software fails to recognise the Touch ID security information. This can be due to the home button being replaced, but it has also been reported that some users have experienced Error 53 after liquid damage.

iCorrect’s most common repair for the iPhone is a screen repair which is not affected by the Error 53 issue.

Panesar said: “Our most important piece of advice for any iPhone owner concerned about the Error 53 message is hold off installing the next iOS update for now. Apple has confirmed that Error 53 is in fact a security feature, but with so many people now unable to use their phones, we’re expecting some form of statement or clarification from Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in the coming days.”

The function of the Touch ID button on iPhone models 6 and upwards is that of a secure encrypted gateway to mobile banking. The payment system, Apple Pay, is built into the Touch ID. iCorrect said most independent repair outlets in the UK do not carry out a repair to the home button, as it could compromise users’ security details.

Should two Touch ID’s be swapped between two iPhone 6s it would produce the same Error 53 issue. This is because the software used to recalibrate the Touch ID is not currently available to any independent outlets.

London-based iCorrect claimed Apple will be challenged on its position in this matter by the industry as “they are looking to secure a monopoly on the repair market” outside Apple stores.


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