Apple confirms 21 March launch event

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Reveal of next iPhone could be only days away as Apple offers to ‘loop us in’

Apple has revealed it will be holding an event in the coming weeks which could see the unveiling of a new iPhone.

The event, scheduled for 21 March at the company’s Cupertino headquarters, has been heavily rumoured to be the occasion when Apple reveals its latest budget-focused smartphone, thought to be dubbed the iPhone 5SE.

However the event could also see the launch of new Apple Watch models and designs, as well as a smaller iPad Pro model or iPad Air 3, if hints within the invitation are to be believed.

tsb-bank-apple-pay Apple TSB Mobile BankingUnder the tagline, ‘Let us loop you in’, the invite to the event (see main picture), sent out to media, shows the company’s iconic logo, backed by coloured sections.

This has already led to speculation that the event will see Apple announcing a new smaller iPhone with a 4in screen, a new iPad Pro and new bands for the Apple Watch, although as usual, the company provided no concrete details with its announcement.

The timing of the event could also prove significant, as it comes the day before Apple is scheduled to have its showdown with federal prosecutors, over the US government’s demand that the company help with unlocking the encrypted iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook.

Apple has so far refused to comply with a court order that it weaken protections on the device, arguing that doing so would set “a dangerous precedent”.

IT companies including Twitter, AirBnB, eBay, LinkedIn, Reddit, Amazon, Microsoft, Snapchat and Yahoo have publicly declared their support for Apple, while a lawyer representing a group of those who survived the shooting said he would file a brief in support of the FBI’s case.

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