Fusion chooses iland cloud infrastructure to support services

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iland has data centres in the UK, the US and Singapore

Fusion Business Solutions is leveraging iland’s cloud infrastructure to expand its services and satisfy the evolving demands of its global customer base.

With iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services, Fusion’s IT team now has improved IT infrastructure visibility that streamlines troubleshooting and improves billing accuracy.

Founded in the UK, Fusion is a service management and IT operations specialist that provides services that include consultancy, benefits realisation, data centre optimisation and green IT audits, to help companies achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in their data centres, whether they are on-premises or hosted.

Cloud-whiteboardFusion’s clients began to request the company go beyond consulting to also offer turnkey IT infrastructure capabilities. To address the demand, Fusion made the strategic decision to team with a cloud provider to avoid committing resources to building its own data centre.

Why reinvent the wheel?”, said Jeremy Bowman, IT operations director at Fusion. “There are plenty of cloud providers out there—it’s just a matter of finding the right one.”

Because Fusion’s customers often don’t have a clear picture of what they require when they first contract services, Fusion needed the flexibility to quickly adjust its mix of IT resources to accommodate changing needs.

Additionally, it required a cloud provider that leveraged VMware technology and could also ensure high availability as well as optimal application and network performance. As a service provider, Fusion understood the importance of having a true partner instead of a vendor. As such, it sought a cloud provider that it could strategise with and quickly solve potential issues.

By the end of the trial period, we were very confident that iland had the best technology, a workable business model, and most importantly, the right people,” said Bowman. “iland took the time to understand our business, showed that it was able to deliver superior 24x7x365 local support and proved the reliability of its cloud infrastructure.”


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