Exponential-e unveils Winning Ways channel incentive scheme

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£3,000 watches and Ferrari’s for the weekend are on offer

Cloud and network provider Exponential-e has announced it is enhancing its channel engagement model with the launch of a new incentive programme, Winning Ways.

The scheme is designed to strengthen channel engagement by offering a reward experience to those individuals within Exponential-e’s partner network that drive sales through a value-add approach.

Sales representatives of partner organisations can register for the Winning Ways programme on the Exponential-e website. Once registered, a point will be awarded for every £1,000 of annual recurring revenue that is placed with Exponential-e.

Cloud 1Partners that design, support and manage “complex cloud journeys” will also benefit from point multipliers for cloud and converged solutions.

“We’re thrilled to be launching a new incentive programme that celebrates and rewards the hard work and results of stand-out individuals,” said Michala Hart, head of channel strategy at Exponential-e. “Winning Ways has been designed to be a fun and rewarding scheme that benefits those sales people who get to know our product portfolio and drive revenue for both their business and ours.

We want to encourage our channel partners to build stronger and long term relationships with the end customer, and believe that with added incentive, the results will come.”

Monthly prizes will be awarded to the three highest ranking individuals. There will be a leader-board which will be updated on a weekly basis so that participants can easily track their progress against others.

At the end of every quarter, a bonus jackpot prize will be awarded to the individual with the most cumulative points earned during the three-month period. The prize options for the quarterly jackpot include full use of a Ferrari for the weekend or a £3,000 voucher to spend on a watch.


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